05.14.01 - 7:26 p.m.
i hate pepsi

i am watching 7th heaven. this is a terrible terrible show. please do not ever watch it. but i can not turn it off. ugh.

whiskey. a wonderful alcoholic beverage that i consumed much of on saturday evening. too much actually. no hangover though. yay for me.

so my mom decided not to hang out with me on mothers day. that's just great. instead, she went on an 8 hour motorcycle ride with her oh so wonderful husband.

i despise britney spears. i don't know whether to hate her or want to fuck her. jesus. did i just write that?

john took me to sign up for bartending classes today. i am hoping to get a leg up on this so that when i am actually offered a promotion i can actually take it. also i would like nothing more than to be able to tell my ex's current girlfriend to fuck off. she's been trying to get a job at the bar...ugh. that's the last person i need to work with.

i don't really feel much like writing.

'rebel girl, rebel girl, rebel girl you are the queen of my world...' bikini kill

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