07.12.01 - 2:42 p.m.
anybody home?

so i'm a slacker. sheesh.

within the past month i've fallen in love...and maybe out of it now. maybe. i don't know. i really thought i loved john, and i suppose i really do...but for some reason i've been completely annoyed and turned off by him the past week and a half. is this normal? it's been so long for me; i can't remember what it's like anymore. at least we have really good sex. that's always a plus.

stephanie is finally home. it's strange having her around the house again after 6 weeks of her being away. having the run of the house for that long was awesome, but she does pay rent here.

summerfest wasn't all too exciting, but i did get to see dan which was great. they played on the 3rd and proceeded to get completely wasted so he just stayed at my place even though steph isn't around. he kept me up until 5 talking my ear off! i love that guy.

april's in the hospital. the psyche ward to be exact. she had some sort of breakdown. i'm not surprised. she's going to quit drinking now. the way i feel about this whole situation is hard to explain. i love her; she's one of my oldest friends. for some reason though i just want to throttle her though. i feel like she's known that something was going on with her, but why wouldn't she do anything about it? get some fucking help? all she's done is latch on to her boyfriend and alienate her friends and proceed to drink herself away. ugh.

and speaking of drinking...i've cut down a lot...i needed to. but i'm going to drink all day tomorrow because it's the warped tour. dan and the boys are playing and i can't wait to hang out with him. john is working so it'll be free booze all day. i don't have to work until saturday night. aw yeah.

maybe i should go do my laundry now.

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