10.23.01 - 6:52 p.m.
wheel of fortune?

i am convinced that vanna white will become the next shannon tweed. there is definitely some skinemax soft-core porn in that woman's future.


grampa's in the hospital. the cancer in his bones has degenerated his spine to the point where he is in constant, extreme pain. my mom still hasn't told me the results of the bone scan...or the results of the psa which tests the level of cancer in his prostate. if the cancer level is up it means that the medicine he's been taking is no longer working. there's nothing more that can be done if that's the case.

my grampa can't die. that's all i can write about this right now.

anyway again...

john's favorite show (besides shitty football) is the gilmore girls. this is a problem because it's obvious that he watches this show for the cute girls. and they ARE cute. i will never be that cute. ugh.

work is going to suck tonight. i despise tuesday nights at the bar. the most idiotic clientele is attracted to $2 bottles of beer. they can fuck off.

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