10.23.01 - 3:47 a.m.
back in the saddle


it's been ages. so much has happened, but i won't bore anyone or myself with a blow-by-blow.

the fact is that i've just been lazy about this while realizing the whole time how important this is for me to do. ugh. now allow me to think back upon the most serious life-changing events that have transpired...

april is doing well as is our friendship. we hang out much more often since her "incident" with the hospital and such. she's very happy with her boyfriend which makes me very happy FOR her. she has always been and always will be my very best friend--for sure.

on another more sour note, my previous relationship with stacy is now only something of the past. people tend to speak of it in a very nostalgic manner. every time a story is told concerning the past year or two it starts as "remember when you and stacy hung out....blah blah blah....", and some ridiculous drunken tale will be told. i have realized (due to many observations made over a period of several months) that she is nothing more than a seriously immature and selfish human being. she is sleazy and false and will stop at nothing to gain everyone's attention and/or sympathy. i was supposed to be one of her closest friends, yet she felt it necessary to lie to me about certain extracurricular activities she had involving the snorting of a white powdery substance up her nose. yeah, good luck with that.

and i still have the pleasure of working with her. too bad she is no longer allowed to bartend, and i got one of her shifts. ha!

my car is still immobile. i finally got the damn brakes fixed but was only able to drive it for 5 days before another repair came up. now it's a wheel bearing. jesus christ!!! don't have to fix a fucking thing on that car for 5 1/2 years and all of the sudden BAM!!!! and to top it all off there is a mouse nest in the heating fan. needless to say i've been quite diligent in making sure i run the car a few times a week as to avoid another mouse infestation. anyone out there living in the milwaukee area work on cars on the side??? i'm poor. plus, garages just tend to rip off young ladies with little mechanical knowledge.

why can't my boyfriend know anything about cars? sheesh. he can't even change a tire.

and speaking of my boyfriend john, my update is that, yes, i am in love. love is love and that is that. we know we are the 'one' for eachother. we are moving in together next spring, and he's going to help support me while i'm in school. he drives me crazy and excites me and frustrates me and makes me want to live forever all at the same time. this is it, and i've never felt more sure about anything in my life. i can't believe it.

and i'm excited to move too, even though i've only lived in this place since april. i just don't like having such a small flat with a roommate that has more junk than i do. she is a 22 year old pack-rat which is far different from a 26 year old former pack-rat who has already gone through all of the saved up shit and has learned to keep only what is severely important. this girl still has clothes from when she was in high school even though they are insanely out of style and far too small.

plus her cats drive me nuts. they are boy cats, and boy cats have bad attitudes and are very naughty. my girl cat is every inch a lady!

hmmm...haven't been to many shows lately. i work 5 nights a week so it gets quite difficult. but the faint is playing again in a couple weeks...two shows in the same day!!!! they are by far the best thing to have happened to music in years!

and on that note, i am calling it a night. or morning if you will. the time is now 4:24. good lord.

oh's some records that hardly ever leave the stereo these days:

the faint-danse macabre

jimmy eat world-bleed american

superdrag-in the valley of dying stars

my bloody valentine-loveless


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