05.02.03 - 7:32 p.m.
romy and michelle

filing your taxes online is easy. why haven't i ever done this before? ok, so it's a couple weeks late...i'm a slacker, what can i say? and it automatically gave me all these credits i didn't know i was eligible for. sweet. send me my money! i have tattoos to finish!

friday, the weekend bartending shifts are absolutely the worst. hardly any of the weekday regulars come in because of the weekend warrior crowd. i don't know who's worse--the obnoxious college kids spending mommy and daddy's allowance or the married thirtysomethings who only get out of the house twice a year who then revert back to their 'good old' college days. some people just simply have a serious lack of bar etiquette.

and i just found out that my ten year high school reunion is planned for november. geez. ten fucking years. i don't know whether to laugh or cry. yep, i'm just a bartender. nope, i haven't gone to college. yep, still single. nope, no kids. i prefer to maintain my sanity and keep things simple. hey, at least i still look the same which is not something i can say for a lot of the people i've seen from my class over the past several years. all the popular 'beautiful' people really did get fat and lose their's called karma, folks.

so what do i do if i'm not dating anyone at the time? does this mean i grab one of my hottest male friends and let everyone wonder why he's there with little old me? i even fancied the idea of taking a female friend just to fuck with their heads.

maybe i just shouldn't even go. that would solve everything.

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