05.05.03 - 4:58 p.m.
tin foil pirate

so there's this guy i know. we call him 'crazy anthony'. he's infamous for his tactless sense of humor and sideshow antics. (he's also an ex-straightedger turned drinker, go figure)for some reason i was thinking about this one particular incident that took place around 4 years ago. a bunch of us were over at a friend's apartment that's located in a part of the city that is heavily populated by college students. it was a nice day (unusual in milwaukee during certain times of the year), and a lot of people were out walking around, hanging out on their porches, etc.

everything started out innocently enough...just yelling stupid shit out the windows at the sheep outside, when suddenly anthony gets a stroke of 'genius'.

"dude, i should totally run outside naked and try to talk to college girls."

um, you could get arrested.

"right, i'll make an aluminum foil diaper to cover my junk."

he runs to the kitchen and comes back starting to disrobe. before we knew it he had literally fashioned a diaper out of tin foil. and out the door he ran. we perched on the couch awaiting his exit to the street.

we were all laughing our asses off, but the people outside seemed stand-offish, a bit frightened. i guess i don't blame them because it was becoming apparent that the diaper was not going to stay anthony took the remnants of tin foil left and proceded to wrap it only around his penis, baked potato style.

"all hail the tin foil pirate!"

after harrassing numerous girls we told him to come in the house before he got arrested. that crazy fucker.

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