05.08.03 - 3:20 a.m.
i love joshua jackson

catie came over for lasagna tonight. i never cook anymore, but the food was still fucking awesome. it's next to impossible to fuck up italian food, at least for most normal human beings anyway.

my friend recruited me to write for her online zine she's starting. i'm working on an interview with ben folds in july...i hope it works out. that guy is so amazing.

my tattoo appointment is at noon tomorrow. noon for me is like asking the average person to be somewhere at 4 a.m. i'm terrible.

this is part of the reason why i'm so looking forward to starting school this fall. even though i will still be bartending, my intention is to get on some sort of a 'normal' sleeping schedule. yeah, good luck.

and i watched dawsons creek tonight, or dawsons CRACK as i like to call it. i usually catch a couple of episodes every season, but seeing as this is the FINAL season i've been keeping track. i swear, if joey picks dawson over pacey I WILL KILL. pacey is hot...dawson is a shithead. the fact that i even have an opinion on this is totally sad, but i can't resist.

i am usually not home to watch tv in the evening, but i have found myself keeping up with that new show everwood. definitely one of the less offensive wb shows i've seen. and the fact that the guy who plays efram is insanely cute doesn't hurt.

i'm a sucker.

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