05.09.03 - 4:01 a.m.

ugh. psycho jeff keeps on calling me. tonight he called and left a message telling me that he just had sex with his girlfriend for the first time. WHAT? i have a theory that he thinks that this is something that would bother i'm supposed to be jealous. um, yeah, sure. shouldn't he be calling one of his buddies or something? "yeah, dude, i just got laid!" or something like that. so anyway...gee, what a lucky girl. i'm sure that she'd love to know that the first person he called after having sex with her was me, his ex-roommate, whom he is still supposedly 'in love' with. fantastic. just leave me alone!

it seemed like a full moon tonight. the customers at work were considerably more obnoxious, more annoying, and weirder than usual. i felt like feeding them to the lions...well, if we had lions at the bar that is. the money is great, but it just doesn't seem worth it some nights. money...or my sanity? but i suppose everyone feels that way about their job. the only difference for me is that i get to walk out of there with a wad of untaxed cash in my pocket.

everything is so frustrating right now. there are so many different ways i could be spending my days, yet i do nothing. sleep sleep sleep. i sleep my days away! falling asleep before 6 a.m. is just unheard of for me. must get out of this!

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