05.11.03 - 1:47 p.m.
weird weekend

today is mother's day and my little brother's 19th birthday. usually my mom will already have the day planned out and would've let me know by now what the deal is. but she's been acting strange lately. i have to work at 6, so i hope she's not planning on calling at the last minute to invite me over for dinner or something. i haven't really seen or talked to her much in the past few months. my brother is living with her, and i know that her wonderful husband al has been pulling shit with her and my brother. it's a situation i don't even want to get involved i won't.

psycho jeff has been calling me non- stop for the past few days. he leaves crazy messages about having me beat up and calling me names. i don't know what's around the corner...he's totally freaking me out. he is completely off his rocker, and i am seriously afraid of what he might do. i mean, can i get a restraining order for harrassment? it's insane.

at least i got my tattoo worked on yesterday. it's looking good. one more sitting until completion. it's about time!

catie's going away party was last night. it was held at a friend's house, but it was in shorewood. the cops in shorewood are like needless to say, i didn't really drink last night. the party was nice though. the couple that lives there had a fire pit in the back yard, so even though it was only 45 degrees, we could all sit outside. i headed out around 12:30 and met mel at foundation. psycho jeff was there though, and i got a little freaked until he left about an hour later. thank goodness. a part of me was kind of hoping that he would actually do something in public though, especially in front of his girlfriend, so i could call the cops. craziness.

and then something weird happened. my landlord totally hit on me last night! we have some of the same friends and hang out together at the bar and stuff like that, so it's not unusual for us to hang out after bar. i mean, we're totally's not as though he's 'just my landlord'. so last night i went down to his place to have a drink after bar, and everything was like it usually is. then he told me he had a dream about me the other day and he's been wanting to kiss me ever since. and then he ASKED me to kiss him. weird! i said no, of course, because i'm his tenant and all that kind of stuff. he was very apologetic and cool about it...he was more concerned about me feeling weird around him...and i guess i kind of do, but i know he's a cool guy so i won't hold it against him. after all, it is pretty flattering. but still weird. how do these kind of things happen to me?

i suppose i should call my mother now.

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