05.14.03 - 3:14 p.m.
crack kills

i have seen an overwhelming amount of butt crack in the past few days. don't people feel that? at least when it's someone i know i can make a joke and tell them to cover that shit up, but when it's just some random person, say, at the bar...well then, there's not much that can be done. for instance, the other night at work there was this terribly disgusting display of not only crack but also enormous bra-less boobs by this girl who was obviously trying too hard. too hard to do what? you ask. let's just say that some things are better left to the imagination...why put it on display? come one girls! guys know what's under your shirt and in your pants...there's no need to induce a gag reflex. so anyway, this girl was wearing those insanely low-waisted pants without any underwear...she didn't have to bend over or be in a seated position to show off the crack. it was just there, at least an inch and a half, above her jeans at all times. now i wear some low-waisted jeans myself, but these were LOW. and then there was the nasty was one of those slutty things that has a strap over one shoulder but leaves the other one exposed, thus making it impossible to wear a bra unless it's strapless. well, she opted for no bra. her DD's were hanging down to her belly button. and she was running around, shaking her shit, showing off her crack all night. sweet.

and there is a plumber in my basement working on, um, the plumbing i guess. he's been here for over 2 hours, and i need to leave! i promised my little brother i'd take him out to eat and go shopping for his birthday. hurry up mr. plumber.

laundry has been piling up in my bedroom for a couple of weeks now, but every time i go to do it...yup, the water's turned off so someone can work on the pipes. grrrrr.

so i think there's something wrong with the weather. someone forget to tell mother nature that it's supposed to be spring in the midwest. i love milwaukee, but this is a bunch of CRAP. maybe i'll be taking that trip to south carolina to visit catie sooner than i had planned.

and now psycho freak boy is sending me e-mail. he's coming at me in all directions. geez.

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