05.15.03 - 2:22 a.m.

so i ended up going out and drinking, as usual. i'm not that drunk...although i did consume about a bottle of wine (not to mention all the shots people bought for me). ugh.

and i saw my crush. THE crush, i guess. although it's not all that serious anymore...well, it really hasn't been for awhile. but he's so fucking hot. i guess it's just pysical attraction...oh well. that's probably the best situation for me right now anyway. but yeah, he rocks my socks off...or he COULD...geez, i must be premenstrual.

so i came home from the bar all excited to watch the dawsons creek series finale that i taped, only to discover that my fucking vcr didn't tape it! ugh!

yeah, the simple things in life.

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