05.16.03 - 3:28 p.m.
sicilians do it better

drank too much again last night. i hung out at work for awhile where, of course, everyone was feeding me shots as soon as i got off work. and sure, i didn't have to drink them...oh well. then i had this bright idea to go to the bar where THE CRUSH works. he's not exactly that much of a crush anymore i guess, but he's still good to look at. anyway, i'm just sitting at the bar and this friend of mine shows up...wasted as wasted can be. he proceeds to tell me how he just broke up with his girlfriend of 3 years, and then starts scoping the bar for someone to take home. pretty soon he starts in on me...'hey, you live by yourself don't you? take me home. you won't regret it. i'm sicilian.' oh my god! i've known this guy for several years and never thought of him like that...geez. of course i wasn't going to do it...he was insanely wasted and just talking stupid. man, i was in a spot though. and the whole time the crush kept giving me those looks like 'do you need help?'. it must've been quite a sight.

so then i took my drunk ass home to watch must see tv that i taped. man, e.r. was depressing.

and right now i'm procrastinating all the housework i've let build up. laundry is a must though...i'm out of underwear.

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