02.28.04 - 4:15 p.m.
roadrunner my ass

so i've had nothing but troubles with this new internet hookup. ugh. it was set up a week ago but has actually worked for a total of two days.

anyway, i got a little drunk last night. okay, fine. i got totally worked. it's the first friday night in almost 3 years that i've taken off with the intention of going out and getting drunk. it was fun, but there really isn't a difference between a friday and, say, a wednesday. except for the fact that i got to go to mad planet. i used to go there on underage nights like 12 years ago, and once i turned 21 i began going there on fridays. it's been over 3 years since i've been there, and for the most part it's the same people. weird. and of course i finished the night off at foundation.

there's something i've been thinking about since last night. see, i met this guy that just moved to milwaukee and i felt like saying "hey, let's hang out sometime", but i couldn't because i have a boyfriend. that stinks though. who says that a girl can't just ask a new guy in town to hang out, show him around or whatever? see, if i had said that to him i would've felt guilty, as though i was doing something wrong. when in fact it's not wrong at's totally normal. now if that guy had been a girl or i had been out with my boyfriend when meeting that guy it would be a different story. but why? it all seems so silly, yet i bought into it anyway.

and on thursday i found out that the bar i've worked at for the past 3 years is being sold in april. so i could quite conceivably be out of a job in 6 weeks. and of course none of us can get a straight answer out of any of our "managers" regarding our employment status as of april 13th. fantastic.

confession time...i bought the second season of dawsons creek on dvd and watched all 4 discs within a matter of 5 days. when it comes to tv shows i am definitely a 15 year old trapped in the body of a 28 year old. it's all good though...i'm just making up for lost time. i used to be a 28 year old trapped in the body of a 15 year old.

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