03.04.04 - 3:42 a.m.
blah blah blah!!!

ugh. i've had it.

i'm 28 years old and most of the girls i know act like 12 year olds. granted, a couple of the girls i know best are people i work with, so that throws in a whole new dynamic. but what the fuck?

seriously. i thought that people should be over stupid adolescent bullshit by now.

in high school i had 2 very good girl friends. one is still someone i keep in contact with, although we are no longer really close. and the other was and still is a total whore. i don't know why i ever hung out with her to tell you the truth. she was never really a good friend and totally sabotaged most of my relationships with guys...just friends or otherwise.

and here i am 11 years later.

this issue has always weighed heavily on my mind, but tonight i was talking about it with jackson and certain things just kind of struck a chord with me. we talked a bit about stacy, who is a friend of both of ours...but i thought stacy and i were pretty close for awhile. within the past year or so things have changed quite a bit though. and it's not me...other people have noticed it too with regards to their relationship with her. i can't put it into words really, but i can say that she's not the same friend she used to be. she's basically only your friend if she's been drinking and not out with a few of her other "friends" (who are essentially just her drinking buddies...people she hangs out with at the bar if her boyfriend is either working, out of town, or doesn't feel like going out). you're all fine and good if no one else is around.

for instance...monday night john and i saw her, but she pretty much ignored us. but at 3 in the morning she called me to see if i wanted to hang out because the girl she was with was hooking up with some guy and she was bored.'re 31 years old...fucking grow up a little.

i am nobody's sloppy seconds. that's pretty much the best way i can put it. either you're my friend or you're not. you don't ignore me for hours, and then when someone's not paying attention to you, decide that you need me around.

then tonight she started some petty argument about work related issues and proceded to ignore us for the rest of the night...all because she had too much to drink and not enough time to think about it.

people do tend to open up a bit more when they've been drinking, but give me a fucking break. just because you've had a few too many shots doesn't give you the right to talk shit about everyone and everything. it's childish and ridiculous, and i grew out of that shit when i was like 12 years old. she's probably sitting at home right now..."blah blah blah blah blah blah blah". ugh.

anyway...the rest of my day was pretty good. i just don't feel like talking to anyone anymore.

stupid people.

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