03.04.04 - 2:39 p.m.
more dumb people

okay. up until recently i was without internet access in my home. several years ago i had a job in an office where i sat on my ass on the internet all day. i was "in" with a bunch of different, how do i say this, internet "communities". meaning, i spent a lot of time on certain sites and knew people and they knew me.

apparently, folks aren't quite as friendly as they used to be. for instance, i've attempted to play some games on yahoo where you have to play against other people...i go to the "beginners" place cuz that's what i am. but it seems as though all the people playing on there are assholes who just want to kick your ass. what the hell? since when did a game of scrabble turn into a death match?

i mean, i'm not some nerd that sits on my computer all day and all night playing games...i would just like a friendly fucking game once in awhile where the person doesn't boot me from the board cuz i'm not as "experienced" as they are.

and then there's those fuckers on ebay who outbid you at the lost possible second. as if i'm supposed to make sure i'm on line when i know an auction i bid on is over and then sit here and wait.

people are so conniving. i don't want to be like that.

well, i guess this is "nicki bitches about everything" week. cheers!

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