03.10.04 - 3:37 p.m.
lions and tigers and bears

i've been slacking.

john's being a dickhead again. we haven't talked for a couple of days and honestly i'm not very upset about it. i think we need some space from each other.

i find myself getting so angry at him for stupid little things...and then we eventually erupt. it sucks. but i know that part of that has to do with the fact that he stays at my house all the time...things at my house are kind of hectic right now, and having another guy to clean up after just gets to me sometimes.

it's hard to explain and i just don't feel like writing about it.

alert the presses...i stayed home again last night. my brother came home with the fourth season of the sopranos. so i watched 9 straight episodes cuz i couldn't sleep, as usual. but that is one darn good show i must say.

i have to work in 2 hours. these next two weeks stink because i had to pick up a bunch of extra hours because 3 other bartenders are on vacation all at the same time.

and i finally bought some damn car insurance. one step closer to the NEW CAR. i don't even drive my honda right now because the exhaust system is ready to fall off, and i am NOT fixing a damn thing on that car before i get rid of it. i'm going to stick with this insurance for 30 days and then start looking for a car. it is going to cost me as much as a down payment on a car to insure the darn thing for a year. i'll tell ya, never let your car insurance lapse for more than 30 days people! i'm paying for it now...i've got a perfect driving record and all that jazz but went without insurance for awhile. it sucks.

more and more people my age are growing up and buying houses and shit, and here i am...i'm a bum who can't even get affordable car insurance. ugh.

at least all my bills are paid.

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