04.08.04 - 4:39 p.m.
i was in 2nd grade in 1982

i actually used to be kinda cool.

my phone rang off the hook as did my pager (pre-cell phone days) and i always had something to do and someone to report it to.

boys even thought i was cute. and i guess i might've been, for the time.

in the three years that i've worked in a bar i've noticed so many things about people. every few months there's a new group of 'cool' kids who wear all the right clothes and go to all the 'cool' places and hang out with the appropriate people. and i think to myself 'wow, so that's what it was like'. i see how silly and pretentious it all is...and i'm glad i'm not that way.

but the early 90's were so damn fantastic! all we cared about were skateboarding, house parties, and hardcore shows. those things were COOL.

these kids now are so ridiculous and look at me like i'm some weirdo wannabe. but the thing is, i can remember the year they were born in.

well, kids, i beat ya to it.

i was cool before you.

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