04.12.04 - 3:28 a.m.
here comes peter cottontail...

finally finished my taxes. i thank my lucky stars for homestead credit ($900...thank you state of wisconsin).

i bought a new bed yesterday. at long last. this week will consist of much house cleaning due to said purchase. plus, the big fat fur-ball of a cat i was taking care of for my stay-in-arizona-for-the-winter grandma is now back home with her. now i must de-fur my house. there are clumps and tumbleweeds of white fur EVERYWHERE.

now i have a 15 year old cat is insanely lonely without the fat furry intruder. she wouldn't play with him, she wouldn't cuddle with him, she didn't even want to be in the same room with him...but now he's gone and she is howling. literally. i think i have to get a kitten.

easter. why, exactly, is this a holiday? as i understand it, christians don't generally believe in life after death UNLESS it involves some heaven or hell bullshit. so how can they believe in resurrection? seriously. how can one actually believe that this is possible OR actually took place? whatever. so jesus died on the cross for 'our sins', AND THEN HE CAME BACK TO LIFE? bullshit.

anyway, as i have come to understand through some simple research, easter originally had nothing to do with jesus christ. damn christians...always trying to make everything about THEM.

but i actually got an easter basket this year. i am 28 years old and got an easter basket. strange. i can't even remember the last time that must be at least 12 years.

with the exception of the easter basket, this weekend sucked. john was an asshole again...and of course he's blaming me. i did nothing wrong. i admit that sometimes i get angry and frustrated and quite bitchy with him, but in all honesty I DID NOTHING WRONG.

he came in to work with me and proceeded to sit at the bar and get wasted, as usual, on saturday night. right around last call jackson and eva and a group of people came in...i was a little busy and didn't really have any time to talk. seeing as it was jackson's last weekend living in milwaukee, i gave them the ok to stick around for a little while and wait for me to get done. so i tucked them away in the booth in the back of the bar.

while i'm doing my closing duties, john says "they're not staying all night are they? i gotta go." and generally started behaving like a jealous prick. i was confused. john normally never has any problem at all with me hanging out with my friends. i explained to him that they were only waiting for me to finish up so i could sit down with them for a drink...then they were leaving.

john was obviously mad.

every saturday night he gets drunk, and then gets pissed off at me if i stay at the bar for a couple of drinks after work because HE is 'tired and wants to go'. and this time it was worse because i had friends there. SO UNFAIR.

anyway, i finished up, grabbed a drink, and told john i was going in the back to sit down for a few minutes with everyone. my fellow co-workers were around to keep him company so it's not as if i was just leaving him alone in an empty bar (he had already declined the invitation to come with me).

so i sit down with everyone...we start talking...a couple minutes go by...john storms back there 'we're not staying here all night, are we? i gotta go. i gotta get up early tomorrow.' (his tone being less than polite).

get up early? that's the first i heard of that. so why did he have to sit at the bar all night and get shit-faced if he had to get up early?

needless to say, my friends felt uncomfortable and decided to leave. i sat down with them for a grand total of about 8 minutes after they had sat and waited for me for over half an hour.

so i then go back up front and help my fellow bartender count out tips and such...john keeps saying 'i'm not staying here all night. i gotta get up.' blah blah blah.

i finally told him to just go back to my house then...quit complaining...i wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary for a saturday night. i always hang out with the person i bartended with and the door guy and have a couple of drinks and go home around 4 or 4:30. THAT'S WHAT I DO EVERY SATURDAY. and john knows this because he's always there. yet, every saturday he throws a fit and wants to go home. i don't get it.

it's not as though i sit there and get wasted after work or anything like that...i only work at foundation one night a week and i just like to spend some time with my co-workers shooting the shit when we are done working. plain and simple and not unheard of in the bar business. the people i work with and i are not a bunch of hardcore partiers who sit around and slam shots and snort coke and wait for the 6 a.m. bars to open...we just want to chill out for a little while.

anyway, still sipping on my first drink, john says he's leaving and asks for my house keys. i hand them over, telling him i'll be home in about an hour (which would've been around 4). he doesn't even say good bye to me while leaving. nice. and my co-workers both inquire 'why does he do this every weekend?'. i had no answer.

john calls about a half hour later stating that he has packed up his stuff and he's leaving my keys in my mailbox. what the fuck? i simply stated to him that i felt that i did nothing to deserve this and was quite confused. he hung up on me.

he calls back at 4 asking if i'm home yet. i told him i was waiting for a cab. this obviously was not the answer he wanted, so he told me he'd call me to talk about it 'tomorrow'.

my cab came, and on the way home i saw him drive down my street. i haven't heard from or seen him since as i had to work today at 6.

i just don't get it.

i can't win. heck, i can't even come in second.

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