04.15.04 - 3:34 p.m.
the princess and the pea

the new bed was delivered today. oh my god. it's like heaven. i feel like a fucking princess when i lay on that thing. i can't wait to go to bed tonight. never thought i'd ever say that...

the delivery guys were cute little mexican dudes. they were so nice and polite...i gave them cokes. coca-cola, that is. should i have tipped them? i don't quite know the protocol on that type of thing. well, at least it was an easy job for them.

well, the new owners take the bar over next week thursday. we've got an employee meeting on tuesday...should get the low down then. things are looking ok least i know i'll have a job for a little while. that's what matters most right now.

and i think i'm catching that damn cold everyone and their mother has right now. i went all winter without getting sick. ugh.

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