04.17.04 - 3:23 p.m.
not another one...

i ripped this quiz off from peteypuke.

Were you named after somebody else?

i was named nicole after a girl that my dad had a crush on when he was kid...sure beats brandy which was my mom's choice

Did you have a nickname as you were growing up?

nick's nick-a-bob, slim pickens, nicki sixx

Where were you born and when?

port washington, wisconsin september '75

Do you remember your family discussing world events and politics?

not too much...but i do remember my grandparents bitching about reagan a lot

Was there a chore you really hated doing as a child?

i hated doing the dishes...still do

What would you consider to be the most important inventions that have been made during your lifetime?

geez...there's a lot...definitely digital technology ranks right up there...and, of course, dairy queen blizzards

How is the world now different from what it was like when you were a child? when i was in school i was never afraid of going to class and getting shot...the 'innocence' of being a child is basically gone now...and mtv actually played music videos, some of which were actually good

What kinds of books did you like to read?

i never really read typical 'kid' books aside from golden books when i was really young (the pokey little puppy was my favorite)...i started reading whatever my mom had around the house in about 3rd grade, mostly stephen 4th grade i had read helter skelter...i loved horror and true crime

What were your favorite toys and what were they like?

cabbage patch kids, colorforms, hungry hungry hippos, sit n' spin, care bears, barbie, and i had this cool tricycle type thing that had the roadrunner on it

How did you get to school?

always had to walk until i moved one city away my senior year of high school...then i drove

What was your favorite subject in school and why?

english fo' required the least amount of effort for i took this pretty cool music class one year...we basically studied the history of music in america...i played 'how soon is now' for a project and everyone in the class was like "what is this gay crap"...that made me happy

What subject in school was always the easiest for you?


What was your least favorite subject in school and why?

any math or science...i'd rather stick razor blades underneath my fingernails than EVER have to take those courses again

How do your fellow classmates from school remember you best?

i just had my 10 year reunion last fall and most people were quite surprised to see me there...i got made fun of a lot because i was one of the 'freaks'...i wore a lot of black (still do) and colored my hair a lot (still do) and listened to music that those spoiled brats could never comprehend...i graduated early to get away from it

Were there any fads during your youth that you remember vividly?

elementary school: jean jackets, jelly bracelets, charm necklaces, perms...middle school: outback red, forenza, guess jeans (pinned and/or tight rolled, of course), those black canvas asian shoes, perms and big bangs...high school: i didn't pay much attention by then

How old were you when you started dating?

7th or 8th grade

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

i wanted to be a lawyer...eeek!

What was your first job?

i worked at a bakery after school and sold doughnuts and bread to old ladies in cedarburg

Did you make enough money to live comfortably?

i made enough to buy cigarettes, beer, and lsd...that's all that really mattered

What were the hardest choices that you ever had to make? Do you feel like you made the right choices?

i decided not to kill my mother's boyfriend (now husband)...sometimes i wish i would have...i would probably be out of jail by now

How would you describe yourself politically?

i'm a what degree depends on the issue

How tall are you and how much do you weigh?

i am 5'7" weight is unknown to me and will continue to stay that way...

What color are your eyes?

hazel...sometimes more brown...sometimes more green...depends on what color i'm wearing

Do you wish you lived somewhere else (If so, where would it be)?

i wish i could live in a place where money isn't such an issue, where everyone would be equal...then we could actually get to know people for who they really are and not what they own

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