04.17.04 - 4:00 a.m.
it is SO raining right now

the weather today was fabulous...and then when i got out of work i walked outside into a THUNDERSTORM. it was so great!

but i immediately thought of my kitty who is absolutely terrified of the sound of thunder. sure enough, when i got home i found her cowering on my bedroom floor with her little fishy toy. that's my baby.

the beginning of my evening at work was quite deceiving. the entire bar was so incredibly slow...but then we started to fill up around 11 and didn't stop until close. we didn't have a packed bar, but those who were there drank like there was no tomorrow. stacy and i rang up almost $1600...that's a great feeling.

lane was even there which is super odd as he hates bars. but his entire posse (heh, i used the word 'posse') was there too. it was good to see all those guys. i used to hang out with them so much 'back in the day' (1580 n. farwell...woo!), and now the only one i keep in contact with is lane...but that's not saying much. i usually only see him by appointment! he's a busy man these days.

sleepy nicki. long night at work. too many shots.

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