04.21.04 - 3:31 a.m.
sleepy nicki

i should be asleep by now, but as usual it's just not happenin'. john hogged the bed all night last night, as if i wasn't annoyed by him enough already. for some reason my new bed seems much smaller than the old futon...or maybe it's just that i don't want to share.

ugh. i keep yawning. this is gonna be a short entry i guess.

but before i go...advice for abittergirl...the best revenge would be for you to go on with your life and prove to 'the asshole' that you can be happy without him. and you WILL be. it just takes time. but in the meantime, go screw with his accounts just to piss him off! ha! oh yeah, and take him for every cent you can...that's always fun.

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