04.22.04 - 3:37 a.m.
and i feel fine

so one of my brothers is snoring insanely on the couch while my other brother is watching 'the usual suspects'. my cat is sitting on a cd case, as usual. i am a little drunk...and typing.

i needed to drink tonight. work was slow, but besides that it's the last night of the landmark as we all know it.

yes folks...the bar has been sold. tomorrow i go into work and face new owners. i hear they're in the russian mafia or some shit. ahhh...who cares? as long as i have a job it doesn't matter so much.

i have worked there for over 3 years and make a pretty decent living. the landmark IS a landmark, and it would be quite sad to see anything happen to it. people might riot...seriously.

anyway, john told me he'd take me shopping today but never even called. he's been doing this for awhile now...telling me he'll take me somewhere or do something with me and doesn't show or call. and he wonders why i don't believe him when he gives me excuses...geez!

vegetarian chicken patties are the best things ever...with bbq sauce, of course. seriously, i haven't eaten meat in 12 years, but the only thing that has ever tempted me was chicken...but with stuff like this, i never need to eat anything with eyes again (except for potatoes).

and on that note, i'm off to watch the oc, which i taped because i was at work. yes, i'm 28 years old. i don't care...the show is addictive.

but it sure isn't 90210 or melrose place, that's for sure.

i'm a sucker.

fuck it.

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