04.23.04 - 3:25 p.m.
i almost got murdered...or something

john came over yesterday afternoon for a bit before i had to go into work. he asked if he could have my house keys so he could stay over...then (he said) we could spend the whole day together today, and we could do some shopping.

well, i got home from work at 3 to find him shoving his face full of pizza because he was completely shit-faced. after he dropped me off at work at 6 he had gone out and drank until bar time. that's 8 hours of drinking and the last thing i needed to come home to after 8 hours of dealing with drunks. just lovely.

i woke him up at 12:30. he was grumpy and hungover. he dropped me off at my hair appointment and sped away. hair and eyebrows done (how my tweezers disappeared in a house where i'm the "only" one using them, i'll never know), i call him to see what's up for the rest of the day. no answer. call again. no answer. call again. CELL PHONE IS TURNED OFF. what a fucking dickhead.

so i proceed to walk the mile and a half big's a nice day. except for the fact that about 3/4 of this walk is through a less than savory neighborhood. what a day to be carrying my new red coach bag that i totally adore...if it were any other purse i own it wouldn't matter so much, but PLEASE don't snatch my favorite. (ladies, you know what i'm saying here.)

obviously i'm safe at home typing on my computer, but that's not to say that there weren't any whistles, car horns, cat-calls, or following involved. yes, i did get followed. some creep in a silver chevy passed me, pulled around the block, drove slowly by me, parked his car, and watched me for a couple of blocks. i think he knew i was keeping my eye on him though, and once i walked into a nicer area he drove away.

and i called john right away and made sure to let him know...had to leave a message though cuz the phone was still off. jerk.

that's my day already, and it's not even dinner time. AND i still have to work tonight...anything could happen.

but at least my hair looks good.

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