04.25.04 - 3:19 a.m.
jackpot's come i'm not drunk?

so...i took off work tonight to hang out with jackson for her birthday. we started out with dinner at roots, which is this new ultra-trendy restaurant...but to be quite honest, i wasn't all that impressed. roots has totally been hyped up in all the local newspapers, and everybody's been talking about i was expecting it to be awesome. instead, i got a mediocre meal (uh, sandwich...that's all they had for their "dinner" menu) that i could've made myself. oh well.

and then to top it all off, i ended having to throw in fifty bucks for a sandwich and one glass of wine...all because half of the group was too cheap to tip properly. sheesh.

then our group of 16 went to a bar called evan's over in bayview. it was a very cool bar, but it seemed a little too far to be driving when we were all drinking and having to drive back to a different part of town. ugh.

so now comes the crappiest part of the evening...mantra lounge. i am not at all a dance club kind of girl...and mantra is the epitome of a trendy, bullshit, abercrombie, i'm-drinking-martinis-so-i'm-cool kind of club. BUT the birthday girl wanted to dance, so off to mantra we went.

fortunately, we were able to go in the "vip" entrance, therefore avoiding a cover charge...but this did not make up for the fact that i had to hear 2 britney spears songs within a 30 minute period. come on now! britney spears?

and to make matters worse, some dumb ass waitress dumped a tray of drinks on me. literally. a bunch of us were walking through the place and an opening appeared...all of the sudden this waitress is walking past (i'm about 2 feet away from her) with her tray up in the air and WHAM...nicki's my hair, all over my jacket, and DOWN MY GODDAMN SHIRT. i was livid. all she said was "oh, sorry" all snotty and walks away. no one bumped into her or anything like that, she just lost control of the fucking was entirely her fault.

ok, i've been in the bar business for over 3 years and have also been a waitress in a restaurant...if you fuck up you do something about it. you don't just walk away. i know the owner of that club personally and saw him sitting at the bar...i was SO close to saying something to him, but ultimately i abstained because i didn't want to be that person.

but holy christ was i pissed.

i tried several times the entire night to convince everyone to go to thai joe's instead because there would be better music to dance to. (plus i had ulterior motives...i knew that nikki and her brother, my old friend, rob would be there.) but they all scoffed at me. suckers.

well, valuable drinking time was quickly slipping by, so a few of us who were fed up went next door to y-not 3. nick and alejo were working so we had fun for that 40 minutes before bar time.

but i never even got drunk. and it was my night off! something is very wrong with that.

at least i got to hear some smithereens and english beat while we were at evan's...two bands i haven't listened to in many years.

and last but not least, jackson had fun. hey, it was HER birthday...she's my friend and i love that's what really counts.

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