05.07.04 - 6:12 p.m.
darn googlers

dang! i got some strange googles recently: "show me how to skateboard", "show some leg", "last time i peed", and "nicki sixx" (again).

now, why on earth would one be searching "last time i peed"? this is disturbing.

so i have this nasty little habit called nicotine addiction. i tend to enjoy an abundance of nicotine while sitting in front of the computer. today i decided that i was going to leave my friendly little pack of camel lights in my bedroom as not to smoke half a pack while looking up used cars.

instead, i keep forgetting where i put them and have a moment of frantic looking-around-my-desk before i remember "oh yeah, i wasn't going to smoke a lot today".

needless to say, it didn't work. i just keep making frequent trips to my bedroom.

and suddenly "vices" by pennywise is going through my head. argh.

jackson called today to let me know she'll be in town sunday night. woo! my tentative plans for memorial day weekend were to go up to rice lake and stay with her...foiled again! i am broke. must. work. all. weekend. but at least i'll get to hang with her this sunday.

damn ebay. i can not even begin to calculate how much i've spent in the past few months on cds, dvds, shoes, purses, and electronics.

plus the new bed and vacuum cleaner put a good sized dent in my savings as well.

i feel like i'll never be able to get a new car. well, new-to-me anyway.

anyone want to buy me a nissan maxima? i'll love you forever.

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