05.12.04 - 3:16 p.m.
my bro is a taurus

you certainly know that spring has sprung in wisconsin by the never-ending sound of lawn mowers. well, that and the sound of every child under 12 in your neighborhood outside screaming. sometimes i really hate kids.

my mom came over yesterday and took us all out for justin's birthday. mmmmm....buca di pepo. then we came home, had birthday cake, and watched all the cky dvds that i gave him. those cky guys are totally genius. if my friends and i had video taped all the stupid shit we did and put it to music and made it all 'cool', then we could've been rolling in the dough too. oh well.

i've been feeling like crap the past few days...can't really explain it. i've had a couple of dizzy spells though, and it doesn't really seem like a good thing. i hate doctors can't make me!

and i forgot to tape idol last night. ugh. my brothers were quite disappointed for i believe they enjoy it more than i do. oh well, all the good people already got voted off...just all those dumb chicks are left. divas my ass.

hey, anyone wanna loan me some money for a new car?

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