05.31.04 - 5:28 p.m.

this death cab album is SO FUCKING GOOD. i love it i love it i love it!

man, work was busy last night..."holiday" weekend and all that crap. those of us in the bar business like to call nights like that "amateur night". you get a mob of folks that don't go out all that much except on occasions when they don't have to work the next day (weekends are exempted)...examples would be new year's eve, st. patrick's day, and the sunday evening before labor and memorial days. catch my drift?

typically on a night like this a bartender has to deal with so many dipshits and morons and general stupidity, but last night actually went quite smoothly. i was in shock. and i had good tippers too. double shock. between the three bartenders last night we rang up a combined total of $4250. pretty sweet.

i miss my grandpa. up until i was about 12 years old (that's when i decided that i was 'too cool' to go anymore) my granparents took me camping with them every memorial and labor day weekend plus 2 or 3 additional times through the year. so today i'm thinking about my grandpa...waking up to the gun salute on memorial day morning in a damp camper...eating a monstrous breakfast cooked on the coleman stove...dodging rain drops while packing up camp cuz it always rains on memorial day...listening to grandpa sing along to hank williams on the ride home...

i was a lucky kid.

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