06.02.04 - 3:00 a.m.
::kicks computer::


i just wrote an entry and something got fucked up so it didn't work.

there is something wrong with this darn computer. probably all the junk that my little brother has in it or something.


so anyway, i just found out today that braid is doing a reunion tour! what the heck? how come no one told me? huh? geez. milwaukee is the type of town where everybody knows everybody and rumors spread like a why am i the last to know?

i had to read it in fucking alternative press which, by the way, is one of the worst music magazines ever.

and damon (the drummer) is a very old friend of mine...i think i met him when i was about 13. he still lives in milwaukee, but i never see him anymore. we dated briefly when were about 15. he wrote me 2 love letters which i still have...the only guy who ever did that until i dated john. i remember this one time a bunch of us went to the ozaukee county fair in cedarburg...we were all pretty young and basically just walking around proving how punk we were...and damon stuck a cigarette in a horse's mouth cuz he thought it would be funny, but the horse decided to eat it instead. we ran away laughing our asses off. it doesn't seem so funny now. oh well.

so anyway, i guess i'll go to the show and everyone can say "hey, where ya been?" and all that crap. i just want to go and revel in all that mid-90's emo/indie rock bullshit that i used to buy into but now despise...just for one night. then i can go home feeling old and lame, but at least i'm not a stupid music snob...anymore.

please don't let this mean that the promise ring will reunite too...that would be a BAD, BAD idea. just BAD. at least braid was still making good music when they broke up.

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