06.09.04 - 2:29 a.m.
dead old man, smokin', and sweatin'

woo! props to all the ladies out there that like hockey...and my very own milwaukee admirals won the calder cup. sweet.

one thing that has been all over the news lately that i am sick to death of (no pun intended) is ronald fucking reagan. he's dead! get over it! he was old...old people die! grrrr...i could go on and on about what a terrible president he was. i really don't care if he was a "nice guy". give me a break. what made him so damn nice anyway? because he's a republican yet he was tolerant of his openly gay son? that's his SON for crying out loud...

"and you will burn in hell for everyone you've killed...for every drop of blood you have ever spilled"-boy sets fire

yeah, i'm a cold-hearted bitch. blah. i had a bad day, folks. too much sweat and crabbiness...and no, nikki, it most certainly is NOT sexy!

the central air never kicked in...needs to be charged or some shit. so i fired up the old relic window unit that's still in the dining room and bought a couple more fans. it's a bit cooler than earlier. hopefully i can get more than 4 hours of sleep tonight.

oh yeah, and onewetleg, about your comment regarding the whole smoking have to remember that this is milwaukee, wisconsin...up until just the past couple of years no bars had any outdoor seating, and even those that do can only use it for a few months a year. it gets darn cold 'round these parts! plus, depending on what part of the city the bar is located in, there are time restrictions as to how late a patio can be open. a lot of our bars are located in residential neighborhoods and aren't allowed to let their patrons "loiter" outside past 11 pm...some are restricted to 9 pm.

i know that, in time, people will get used to the idea...but it'll take awhile. i just hope it doesn't happen at all.

there have already been a couple of non-smoking bars that have opened around here, but none of them last due to lack of business.

milwaukee just isn't that kind of town. we like to sit down at the bar, have a smoke, and drink our fuckin' pabst.

shut up nicki...enough!

ok, bed time.

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