06.09.04 - 5:37 p.m.
bloody what?

i just woke up from a nap. how or why i fell asleep, i do not know. but here's the thing...i fell asleep with the tv on...i woke up to a news broadcast of washington dc being attacked...well, that's what i thought anyway. man, that woke me right the fuck up and gave me flashbacks to a certain september morning when my roommate came into my room yelling something about new york and the pentagon and turned on the tv right at the point when the 2nd plane hit the trade center.

well, i came to my senses real quick when i just realized it was ronnie's funeral.

my poor aunt terry...she lives in arlington and works in dc. i bet she's having fun trying to get around today.

so the special i run in my bar on wednesdays is $2.50 bloody marys...with the works and a chaser. i realize that a special like this would probably be better suited for a sunday, but i am not the one in charge. people like my bloody marys for some reason...i find them disgusting, but as long as they sell i am happy. some folks have joked around about calling me bloody nicki. i don't like it cuz it sounds pretty sick, but i was thinking i should do some kind of picture like this only me instead of nikki sixx...

good stuff. i play a lot of motley crue on the jukebox on wednesdays too.

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