06.15.04 - 12:48 p.m.
i need a new ride, dammit

trying to get a loan is the biggest pain in the ass. i'm a gonna kill someone...especially if they don't give me the damn money. i almost have a's so close.

well, this weekend was long, but i've pulled through. and i actually had some fun too. how about that?

i had the most annoying hangover on saturday that didn't go away until around midnight. grrrrr...i didn't think i was THAT drunk on friday. sheesh. i'm loosin' it in my old age. work really stunk on saturday because of said hangover, and by the time it released me from its grip, the bar was packed and had become insanely annoying. all i wanted to do was go home, throw in a movie, and lay down.

sunday i actually got my ass out of bed and got motivated. john and i went to the locust st. festival right up the block from my house. this festival is always good fun...but it was hot as hell and super crowded. we were there for HOURS and many margaritas were consumed. every year i go to this thing i end up seeing folks that i never run into anymore...this year was quite enjoyable. i could really do with every snake and lizard owner leaving said pets at home though. really, WHY is it so cool to walk around a mob of people with a 6 foot snake draped over your shoulders? it's creepy. and then there was this really ghetto guy dragging around an iguana by its tail. yeah, that's nice. it WAS slightly amusing when the lizard attacked his equally ghetto friend though. that's what you get for mistreating a 3 foot long lizard.

my nose got sunburned.

so a bunch of us went to eat at palermo villa...we thought it was a good idea to eat outside. the weather had cooled off a little, and it's always fun to people watch on the east side of milwaukee. but just when we were about to pay the bill here comes psycho ex-roommate-turned-stalker jeff walking up the sidewalk. the guy is absolutely nuts and i admit that i am totally afraid of him. when the guy lived in my house he not only got physically abusive, but continued to threaten and harass me for months after he moved out. i have since found out that he only lives a block away which unnerves me to no end.

yeah, i can honestly say that if anything ever happens to me...hunt him down. i've got a tape of some of the phone calls he used to leave me...the freak even stole pictures of me before he moved out. he's got some crappy website with a picture of me on it too. i wonder if there's anything i can do about that? hmmmm...

anyway, i was a good girl last night. i stayed home and watched movies with my bro and john. it's good to have nights like that.

insomnia got me again last night...4 hours of sleep...i think i need a nap.

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