06.28.04 - 4:31 a.m.

i saw fahrenheit 9/11 today.


everyone should see this film.

now, i've been doing my research...i'm not some stereotypical "bleeding heart" liberal. i am not stupid, and i have common sense...

i've read a lot of the reviews and editorials regarding the film...obviously, many of the ultra-conservative folks out there, as well as some liberals, have pointed out "flaws" and such with michael moore's editing, etc...

BUT...i believe that most of us common-folk in america have been underestimated by these moore-bashers...

OBVIOUSLY michael moore has an agenda...OF COURSE he's going to make a film that is slanted in a very specific direction. AND WE KNOW IT.

but here's the him or hate him, he's got america's attention, AND THIS IS A VERY GOOD THING.

this film brings to light so many issues that we, as americans, really need to be thinking about right now...things that have been covered up or not covered enough by our "elected" government and the media...things that every american should be aware of, so that ultimately we can form our own opinion about what's going on with our country and the world around us.

common sense.

i'd like to think that most people have it, but i'm proven wrong over and over again...

why did george w. bush declare war on iraq?

what? oh, you don't know?

well, me neither.

common fucking sense tells me that we need change. i don't want to see another war in my lifetime.

what is so "good" and "moral" and "christian" about greed and death?

what the fuck WOULD jesus do?

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