07.03.04 - 3:16 p.m.
stupid neighborhood

so i woke up a little while ago (i got home late...explanation later) and there's all these screaming kids outside my house and really loud, bad music playing.

turns out there's a block party on my street today...

but no one informed me.

so now my 2004 ford mustang rental car is parked right in the middle of it.

if i go out and move it now i look like the neighborhood asshole. usually when they hold these events, they put flyers in everyone's mailbox. this year they must've skipped mine.

but when i got home at 5 a.m. the street was full of cars.

oh well.

so last night i met up with dana and her family at summerfest. she had her 9 year old with godson. damn, is he getting big. that means i'm getting old. i remember walking around the east side with that kid in a baby he's tall enough to go on big-kid rides. geez.

summerfest was packed...i saw about 20 people get dragged away by security or the police. people act so damn stupid in a setting like that.

dana's family took off early, so we just hung out awhile...checked out some bands and such. nothing too exciting, but it was good to hang out with her. we pretty much only see each other once a year or two.

after we left summerfest, we drove out to cedarburg to visit john at the bar he bartends at...back to the home town. it was very strange....then i took her to her mom's in brown deer.

i got back into milwaukee around 2, so i decided to stop at foundation...where i proceeded to drink until 5. yikes. but i hadn't had anything to drink all night, so i wasn't nearly as drunk as i could've been.

and now my rental car is parked in the middle of a block party cuz i woke up so damn late and didn't realize what was going on.

maybe it'll rain. then they'll all go inside. then i can move the car without being seen.

i feel like a jerk.

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