07.08.04 - 2:45 p.m.
getting rid of junk

so i heard about this program on the news called freecycling. so i checked out my local group, and now i have gotten rid of my pain in the ass dining room table and chairs.

ah, one step closer to getting rid of junk i don't need. it feels good.

except now i have piles of cluttery-bullshit all over the place. you know, all the crap that was ON the dining room table...cuz it's never really been used for dining.

and now my cat is all bent out of shape because things are "different". animals are so strange.

so i signed up to volunteer with theleague of conservation voters to help defeat bush...i've never done this type of volunteer work before, so it should be quite the learning experience. the only thing is that the meeting is sunday morning...i don't do mornings so well. not well at all.

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