07.14.04 - 3:46 p.m.

yes, mia, that's me...when i was about 4 or 5 years old. that may have also been the last time i ate at mcdonald's. i was an awfully cute, photogenic i'm a dorky, chubby grown-up.


i had another terrible hangover yesterday. and again, i did not drink that much. but i think i've figured it out...menstruation. yes folks, right before my period i'm a cheap date...and then i'll pass out on you and bitch up a storm about how shitty i feel the next day. this means i'm getting old. i don't like it.

i also don't like that asshole kid outside blowing a fucking whistle. GO HOME!

so a couple of my friends are in new york right now. they had gotten tickets to see conan o'brian...which they did last night. i watched the show, but they never show crowd shots. oh well. and the guests sucked too. i would be super pissed if i traveled all that way just to get screwed with crappy guests.

i went to the jerry springer show once. it was about 9 years ago...the show was in a kind of transitional period then from normal talk show to anything-goes talk show. the title of the show was something like "cheating spouses"...something typical like that. i had a lot of fun...and my seats were right in the middle of the front section. i used to have the episode on tape (they do tons of crowd shots, as we all know), but one of my asshole old roommates taped over it. thanks stephanie! grrrr...

geez, stephanie is just a snotty name in and of itself.

and speaking of snots...

yup, that's me...only i usually don't wear so much lipstick.

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