07.21.04 - 6:02 p.m.
i really am a girl!

it is impossible for me to go into a store and not buy something.

john and i went to mayfair a couple days ago so that HE could buy some new clothes.

he spent $15...i spent $250.


2 shirts, a skirt, a pair of jeans, 3 dvds, 4 pairs of underwear from victoria's, and a purse...

me and my stupid obsession with purses.

but this little excursion did lead me to clean out my dresser drawers and part of my closet. look out i come!

i have so much shit that i never wear, and most of these clothes still have tags on them. what a moron i am.

i think that stores have special mirrors in their fitting rooms to make their clothes appear as though they actually look good...then you get home and try them on and wind up looking ridiculous. and i'm always too lazy to take the shit back. grrrrr.

at this point, i own more purses than shoes. when did this happen to me? when did i become such a girl?

being a girl is expensive.

but at least i kept my impulsive ass away from the coach store. that would've been trouble.

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