07.23.04 - 5:19 p.m.
random fridayness

no work for me tonight! but i told john that i'd go to cedarburg with him and stay at his parents house because they are out of town. it's kind of cool...i feel like i'm in high school or something. "hey, my parents are out of town. wanna come over?" finally, we can have some alone's been impossible to find seeing as i live with my two brothers.

my old thursdays have been back lately...finally making some decent cash, one night a week at least. now if i could just stop spending it. eek. ebay is evil! EVIL!

george w. bush is a closet homosexual...he must be. that's why he hates them so much. i guess that would mean he's also a closeted lower to middle class blue collar worker. or a single mother. or ::gasp:: an african american!

how can the leader, oh excuse me, the commander in chief, of a country have such blatant disdain and ignorance of those he "leads"?

i've got an urge to watch 'mary poppins' of my favorite movies EVER. i must buy it out on dvd?

my mother is buying me a digital camera for my birthday (which is september 4th, by the way)...diarylanders are in big trouble. i will take hundreds of pictures of my cat.


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