07.26.04 - 4:49 p.m.
bad news bears


some stupid degenerate busted out one of the windows on my car last night. yup, the car that has nothing in it, doesn't run, and has 2 flat tires. what the fuck is that?

i'm pissed and don't even want to deal with it...i'm thinking of donating it. just come and get's all yours.

man, my neighborhood has just gone down the shitter the past several months.

what is wrong with people?

and speaking of "wrong", stacy informed me last night (while she was totally drunk, of course) that buddy cheated on her and they broke up.

i was completely floored. never, ever in a million years would i have expected that from him.

stacy and i haven't really been getting along the past few months, but she's still an old friend of mine and it really sucks to see her going through this.

the thing that really stinks is that we all work, buddy is one of the people at work that i've actually been able to trust and work well with. what a shit! and most of the other people we work with are total gossip whores and seem to take great pleasure in other people's misery.

now that those two aren't together i know that buddy is going to quit. he's been wanting to for awhile, and now he's got a good reason. despite the cheating thing, he really is a good person to work with...i'm just so disappointed in him.

if anything, i would've thought that she'd be the one to do something like that. that sounds like such a horrible thing to say about a friend, but it's true. i can honestly say that i'm sure i'm not the only one thinking this right about's not that she's the type to sleep around or anything like that, but she was kind of the "wild child" of the relationship.


people just suck.

if i'm not pissing myself off, someone else is doing it for me.

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