07.28.04 - 3:37 p.m.
i love bees know it's going to be a good day when you sign on and your entire buddy list is RED. so much to read! and it's even more exciting when it's politics that has got folks motivated. thank you mia and ::gasp:: genghis jon...

my mom's neighbor came over yesterday and took away my baby for the last 8+ years. i almost cried. it was like i lost a limb. but she's in good hands now...he'll put her back in shape in sell her to some other schmuck.

that damn broken window. i suppose it was a blessing in disguise because it actually motivated me to do something. who knows how much longer i would've let that car sit in my alley, rotting away. there was even a hornet nest in the trunk. yikes.

i bought that car when right after i turned 20...i'm now a month away from 29. that's a long fucking time to own a vehicle, especially in this day and age.

and yes, my car is a SHE, and SHE had a name...leia (sorry, i was going through a big star wars phase). ::sigh:: i'm sad yet so relieved.

now i have to get a new one and start all over again.

but this requires money.

oh, i found this website that i'm sure a lot of folks out there in dland can appreciate (especially you, bitter girl). now i just need to find one regarding bar etiquette, which is something a lot of bar patrons are lacking. man, i could write a book on this...maybe i will.

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