08.03.04 - 2:59 p.m.
3 more months!

my attempts at writing an entry last night were thwarted by the power outages that plowed through my neighborhood every 15 minutes. i had to give up...

so anyway, here's a rundown of the past few days...

saturday| there wasn't much going on during the day, so i putzed around the house a bit. yup. really exciting. but then i had to work at 10, and boy did i get my ass beat. the bar got super busy which resulted in much drunkeness by all bar employees...except the bartenders. so mike and i had a few after close and laughed our asses off at those who had a few too many. if only every saturday could be as fun as that one...and as profitable ($200 for 4 1/2 hours of work? sweet!).

sunday| slept in a bit, as usual. woke up refreshed and called stacy to set up a time to meet for the braid reunion show. she informed that it was about a million degrees outside which did not sit well with me, but i walked on over to her place anyway. the show was i suspected it would be. i was quite disappointed that there weren't many folks from the old crew there...oh well. man, i felt old. i was a good 10 years older than most of the kids in the crowd. it was really strange. braid broke up 5 years ago, so most of those kids had to be about 12 or 13 at that time. ouch. but we had a good time anyway and an even better time consuming alcoholic beverages all night...which leads me to my hangover on...

monday| i tried to sleep it off as long as possible before having to get up and go to the john kerry rally. it was another scorcher, and hangovers and heat do not mix well. john and i met stacy and buddy and made our way downtown where we proceeded to stand in line for over 2 hours under the blaring heat of the fucking sun. i wasn't sure i was going to make it...i'm pretty sensitive to heat the way it is and a hangover on top of that was pure hell, but i made it. i had to sit down a couple of times for fear of passing the fuck out though. there had to be at LEAST 5,000 people standing in line. it was so insane. we finally got let into the park at a little after 6, and at this point the sun was going down behind some trees...we were finally in the clear! they started the rally off with a few speeches by local politicians, then dave grohl (drool!) came out and performed an acoustic version of "my hero", and then teresa heinz spoke. she was rudely interrupted by some protesting chants of "four more years" to which she replied "you want four more years of hell!" it was great. then john kerry spoke...i have to say i was pretty impressed by him. he was charismatic, intelligent, and well-spoken...of course he said all the things he knew we wanted to hear, but all around he seems like a fairly decent guy, for a politician anyway. i overheard a conversation by a couple of people standing near me in the crowd who had said that they were undecided voters...during the rally i saw them get more and more excited...pretty soon they were saying "geez, how could we have even considered voting for bush?"

and have i mentioned that sorry lot standing out on the sidewalk who called themselves bush-cheney supporters? oh boy, what a motley crew they were. at any given time, there were roughly 15-50 people protesting. there weren't enough of them to chant loudly enough, so they had to use megaphones. not to mention the fact that at least half of them were younger than 16, probably forced there by their parents. one man proudly sported a cowboy hat, and so did his two boys under the age of 7. a black man in front of me in line called him a "bad cowboy" to which a fat, balding middle-aged bush supporter told him he was being racist. funny stuff. they also called us all communists...boy, i just love THAT one. one of the best things i saw was the group billionaires for bush standing across the street...all of the bush supporters thought they were on THEIR side. man, they just don't get it.

they just don't get it at all.

my true excitement of the day though was telling off a pro-lifer outside the rally. i just love starting shit with those people. and you know, god tells them what to how can they be wrong?

today, tuesday| nothing to report really...except that i'm damn glad to have central air. i think i'll make a lasagna.

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