08.06.04 - 3:57 a.m.
lack of decency

is it october? cuz it is fuckin' cold outside. not that i'm complaining or's just strange. august is usually like a damn oven night day around here.

anyway, i think i caught some ghetto ass motherfuckers casing my neighborhood tonight. i turned onto my street right behind this ghetto hoopty (my bro let me take his car to work)...they drove down the block and turned into my alley (where my car and my bro's car both got broken into last week). they continued to drive through the alley, across the street, and then into the dead-end alley on the next block. i didn't want to follow cuz i would've been stuck, and who knows what the hell they were up i turned and drove back down my block to park. while parking, the hoopty then hauled ass up the street toward the main road they had turned off of.

what the fuck is this shit? i live on a street that is only one block long...there are dead-ends on either end of the street. there is absolutely no reason for people to drive down this street unless they live here or they're lost. yet, lately, there has been an increase in traffic...especially during the early EARLY hours of the morning (like 3 or 4 when i'm getting home from work).

i'm thinking of trying to organize a neighorhood watch program of some sort, although i'm not too sure how to do so.

of all the places i've lived in this city over the past 10+ years, this has been my favorite. now it's taking a turn for the worse, and trust me when i say i've lived in much "shadier" neighborhoods.

it's just so damn sad.

and the cops around here have bigger fish to fry, so they don't really give a rat's ass about car break-ins and such...but i wish they'd give a shit about the girl that got mugged on my block 6 weeks ago. or how about the man that was shot and killed 5 blocks away last month?


i love the city, but i hate these stupid assholes that fuck shit up for everyone else.

why can't people just be decent? is that so fucking hard?

and on a lighter note...i joined the fantasy football league at work. i don't know shit about football. i'm just in it for the cash.

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