08.14.04 - 5:06 a.m.
there's more!

john left a message on my phone while i was still at work. it was difficult to understand though...

i started to freak when i heard "my dad had a stroke".

but upon calling him he laughed and said, "no, my dad's dog had a stroke."

fucking cell phone reception.

i'm gonna go car shopping...finally. THIS, my friends, is good stuff. i will go back to being my old, independent self which i look forward to tremendously.

"but wait...there's more!" how often does one hear that statement while watching the average info-mercial?

anyway, stacy told me tonight that a mutual friend of ours announced to a table full of people at the bar last night "i'm riding the red river, so if anyone wants to get near my nether-regions they'll have to take the dirt road."


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