08.25.04 - 3:08 p.m.
human waste

so i was just reading this entry by good ol' genghis jon...all i gotta say is "what the fuck?".

i dated this guy, jay, about 9 years ago. he always talked about how is sister was dating some guy named dave who didn't live around here but would fly her all over the country to see him. eventually the truth came out though...yes, this guys was not just "dave" but dave matthews. i think jay, in all his holy punk rock-ness, couldn't come to terms with the fact that his only sibling was dating a total moron...even if he was famous and rich. although jay did take advantage of free airfare and backstage passes to some big music festival where he met a bunch of bands, but no one that note-worthy for me to actually remember now.

the sound of the dave matthews band makes me physically cringe. i fear for the future of all those pseudo-hippie college kids who have fallen under the dmb spell.

their music sucks the life out of me, and their shit DOES stink...all 800 pounds of it.

anyway, my car is wonderful. i am in heaven. i can not wipe the dumb smile off of my face. and for those who requested pictures...well, my birthday is in less than 2 weeks and i have been promised a digital camera from my mommy. you'll just have to wait.

stacy and i cruised around last night listening to run dmc. damn, those bose speakers kick some major ass.

and the 3 letters on my license plate are "gwr"...i love me some gwar.

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