09.28.04 - 2:39 p.m.
are we not men?

here i am.

i haven't really felt much like writing the past few days...feeling kind of blah.

anyway...devo was fucking awesome! i had expected it to be a good show, but they seriously totally rocked. and it was great to go to a show and not feel like i was babysitting. after the show we hit a couple of bars and proceeded to get a bit drunk but were back in our hotel room by 2 am and ordered room service.

i love room service.

i also love the mini bar...although i'm a bit scared to know how much THAT actually cost me. oh well.

of course, the shopping was fabulous. i was quite good though, having purchased very few items. my prized find of the weekend: a black off the shoulder sweater at the guess store. it's beautiful. and i'll probably never have the guts to wear it.

okay, two disturbing things i noticed about chicago...the crazy pigeons and the predominance of pregnant women. i just don't understand. i even saw two birds having was insane.

anyway, john called me on thursday "can we talk?" ugh. so i guess we're supposed to get together today. i really don't want to talk to him because i'm so angry about everything he's been saying about me. if i never saw him again it would be too soon...and if he thinks i'm gonna call him to set this up, he's got another thing coming.

but at least everything with bryan and me is going really well. REALLY well. but i'm afraid that our late night make-out sessions may be hindering his being able to get up in the morning to go to work. the honeymoon period is so wonderful.

i need to take a shower.

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