10.07.04 - 1:28 p.m.
still smiling

i'm finally over this stupid cold...sick for almost a week. ack!

but this did not deter me from hanging out with bryan. we can't go a day without at least talking to each other. it's so crazy.

i actually spent the night at his house monday. this is huge for me as i've always been weird about sharing a bed with someone. i've just always had an incredibly hard time sleeping with someone next to me. but monday night was awesome. we got naked and fell asleep next to each other...comfortable and warm.

and we didn't even have sex.

it's amazing to me that i feel the way i do right now. i didn't think i'd be able to really be so into someone so quick. and we've had so much's insane. everyone's talking shit...john is mainly to blame of course. but fuck them all! i'm happy for the first time in years. YEARS.

dammit...i deserve to be happy!

i also deserve some good sex, and i have a feeling that's coming in the very near future.

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