10.20.04 - 4:31 p.m.
the perfect kiss

my cat is literally driving me nuts. she will not stop meowing and's constant. she has food. she has water. she has a clean litter box. apparently she wants attention, but in a household with 3 cat-loving people she gets plenty of it. i feel like strangling her.


and on to a completely different, i had sex last night.

sort of.

i guess our nerves got the best of us and we stopped after a few minutes.

it was weird.

so now my body totally feels like one does after not having had sex in a long time, but emotionally i feel all fucked up.

bryan just isn't like other guys...i know that's so cliche and lame to say, but it's totally true.

but oh my god...his penis is fucking beautiful. (thanks to shmeder for making me feel comfortable enough to actually say something like that!) any girl who says that size doesn't matter is a total fucking liar.

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