11.29.04 - 4:20 p.m.
hi. it's me.

i really should haul all of my christmas stuff up from the basement, but the house is such a cluttered mess. where the hell would i put the darn tree?

stupid holiday.

i've had this annoying cough and sniffles for a couple of weeks now. today would've been the best i've felt if it weren't for this bit of a hangover from last night's festivities. i should know better by now not to drink so much when it's that time of the month. alcohol always hits me faster and harder and makes me feel like shit the next day.

at least in my inebriated state i was able to participate in a hardcore make-out session with bryan. awesome.

and what's even more awesome is that we haven't had sex yet. well, there was that one time that we started to a couple of months ago, but then it got all weird...but that's how we knew we weren't ready.


man, i got it bad for that boy.

i've got to figure out what the hell to get him for christmas too.

stupid holiday.

i got my hair done the other day, and i figured out that i'm starting to look like my mom circa 1975...minus the husband and kids of course.

so, has anyone seen any episodes of diff'rent strokes recently? my brother has it on dvd so i decided to pop it in yesterday. all i have to say is that i don't remember that show being so damn perverted. whatchoo talkin' bout, pedophile? it's awful.

ugh. stupid headache.

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