12.06.04 - 2:29 p.m.
that was a close one

last night was the first time i've stayed home in months. i was insanely bored but made it through.

see, i went to work yesterday at 6, but felt like puking the moment i walked in the bar...watery mouth and everything. toughing it out seemed impossible, so by 7 i was on my way out the door to the comforts of my own bed and, uh, maybe toilet.

i was scared shitless. i've been plagued by this vomit phobia my entire life. it's not normal. i seriously freak the fuck out.

anyway, i stopped to buy some pepto, water, and gatorade thinking that i was in for a rough night...but i got home and felt FINE. what the fuck?

and even though my tummy was yelling "feed me!" i abstained...too scared to eat. so i stayed up all night watching bad tv and hit the hay around 3 am...and slept for 11 hours. within 5 minutes of waking up i started stuffing my face.

and i still feel fine.


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