12.24.04 - 1:54 p.m.
rockin' around the christmas tree

hopefully my food turns out ok.

hopefully i can get my house clean...enough.

hopefully no one gets too bored.

hopefully i can make it to the grocery store before the world shuts down.

hopefully my car will keep starting even though the temp is -25.

hopefully my guests don't mind if i do my laundry while they're here.

hopefully my bro remembers to pick me up some ketel one.

hopefully my cat doesn't decide to take a big stinky poo while the guests are here.

hopefully i won't have to either.

hopefully santa will bring me some good stuff this year.

hopefully my mom will like her new pistachio kitchen-aid mixer.

hopefully no one will mind my new motown christmas cd.

hopefully we'll all have a wonderful christmas.

hopefully you will too.

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